Get To Know Singapore From Our Local Singaporean Artistes

Singapore is popular for their street food, where do you usually go for delicious street foods?

Rave Republic: You’re asking the right guys! Singapore is a tiny country, so don’t be afraid to travel out to sample some of the best foods. While most tourists go to Newton (for a variety of ‘hawker stalls’) or Lau Pa Sat (for satay), we’d recommend going to one of the more local hawker centers. Our favourite is the Old Airport Road Food Center (only 4km from the CBD). We would also recommend that you try BBQ Sambal (Chili) Stingray, something quite unique to Singapore. Again, skip Newton (although there is one good stall there!) and head to Hong Chang Frog Porridge and BBQ Fish! You won’t regret it.

Myrne: Any multi-hawker stall centers with a bunch of different food courts are my favourite, the fan favourites are chomp chomp and newton of course.

Perk Pietrek: Probably Chomp Chomp since there’s everything I’d need there!

Lincey: For hawker food, I usually head to Tiong Bahru Market or along Balestier road.

LeNerd: I’m not very particular with food and Singapore’s hawker/street fare is so accessible, I usually just frequent the place near where I live. If there’s one go-to dish that I have almost everyday, it’ll be chicken rice.

Where can you find the best desserts in town?

Rave Republic:
Stas: I’m not really a dessert guy, but I think the best ‘dessert’ is durian, if you’re game enough to try.

Mat: In my opinion P.S Café has some of the best cakes in town! Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more local head to ‘Ng Kim Lee’ in Bukit Timah for dope custard puffs and egg tarts

Myrne: I don’t have a sweet tooth, but Singapore has a diabetes epidemic for a reason

Perk Pietrek: Pretty much any durian stall you could find out here

Lincey: I don’t really have a sweet tooth but the cakes at Straits Clan are excellent!

LeNerd: I’m not really a dessert kind of guy but I do think that most major shopping malls should have plenty of options to please.

Where do you go to get the best night views in Singapore?

Rave Republic: Definitely on top of Marina Bay Sands for a beautiful view of the city (check out Lavo and Ce La Vi there as well!), and from the ground at Marina Bay for a photo of the iconic building. A slightly cheaper alternative would be 1 Altitude where you can get 360 degree views of the city.

Myrne: The top of MBS is a typical go-to, but I love the carpark roof of golden mile complex where the projector is.

Perk Pietrek: I’ve always liked the whole stretch around the esplanade outdoor theatre all the way to marina bay sands – there’s also a pretty cool light show out there. Everything is just at your own pace and it can be super chill or feel like an adventure too.

Lincey: I’m usually either playing a set or starring at Ableton at night so I’m not sure where the best views are. Zouk probably has the most beautiful people if that’s counted. Haha.

LeNerd: Loving the view around the Somerset and Raffles Place vicinity. Beautiful cityscape views with many places to explore for dinner; great for dates hahaha.

Where’s your favorite place in Singapore to go shopping?

Rave Republic: It depends what you’re looking to buy. For clothes, Orchard Rd has a lot of options. Flesh Imp is a great store to check out for inexpensive street fashion.

Myrne: Taobao Street and EZbuy avenue are pretty great! Lots of affordable options for the discerning customer.

Perk Pietrek: Might sound kinda weird since everyone is gonna say orchard out here in Singapore – but I really like NEX since it’s so near to me and has everything I need, especially a huge-ass supermarket that goes 24 hours.

Lincey: Wow! Again, not much of a shopper. My wardrobe consists of three colours but I usually do get most of my clothes from COS at ION Orchard.

LeNerd: H&M typically with occasional local stores like Loop Garms for vintage stuff, and Sup Clothing for street-style apparel.

Where do you usually go if you want to have a night out in the clubs? 

Rave Republic: You’ll see us once a month at Avry, a very high energy club that is super fun to party at! The crowd is always incredible and it’s open until 6am on weekends. Zouk is also an icon, ranked the #2 club in the world, and absolutely worth checking out. Singapore has a lot of nightlife options; there’s really something for everyone.

Myrne: Zouk if I’m counting on a reliable night of fun, but from time to time I’d check out alternative events or pop-ups like emonight or eatpoptart.

Perk Pietrek: Ironically as a DJ, I’d go for a quiet drink rather than party on my off days but you might see me at zouk every now and then, that place pops.

Lincey: Zouk Singapore MOST DEF.

LeNerd: Zouk Singapore no doubt! Not just because I’m a resident there, but also because there are different rooms and genres to explore.

If you want to go bar hopping, where’s the best place to go?

Rave Republic: Bars might not be our scene, but Lulu’s is a very popular spot right now as a lounge. For a more ‘traditional’ bar, we have heard good things about Atlas, which is in an incredible art deco style building, and also Operation Dagger which is a really/quirky speakeasy located on Club Street.

Myrne: I don’t drink recreationally and neither do my friends, so I’d usually just go to a nature park to practice taichi.

Perk Pietrek: I think the whole stretch around boat quay is pretty cool.

Lincey: Andaz has a dope bar. Horses Mouth and Atlas are cool too.

LeNerd: I’m more of a clubbing person but I think the Clarke Quay area is good for happy hour and late nights, or Amoy area for the cocktail bars.

Where’s the best place to bar hop in Singapore if you are on a budget?

Rave Republic: That’s a tough question, as unfortunately Singapore does have high alcohol prices. Skinny’s is quite iconic and does feature cheaper drinks.

Myrne: I think emerald no 5 has some 1 for 1 martini deals or something, but honestly I’d just buy a bunch of drinks from a 7/11 and play police & thief with members of the Singapore Police Force after 10:30pm.

Perk Pietrek: On a budget – the neighborhood bars around kovan aren’t too shabby.

Lincey: One place? I’m not too sure… When I was a kid (default budget mode) I used to go to Cuscaden for cheap beers and great music.

LeNerd: Not really a bar person so i suppose the two areas mentioned!

Where’s the best restaurant to get Hainanese chicken rice?

Rave Republic: Most people go for steamed chicken as that’s more famous, but a hot tip is to try the roast chicken rice as well. Chye Kee Goldhill Chicken Rice is relatively unknown to foreigners and is amazing! Prepare for some ‘rude’ service and don’t skip the chili – it’s all part of the experience.

Myrne: Rochor chicken rice at united square was a childhood favourite (if it’s still there!) an easy alternative would be Boon Tong Kee

Perk Pietrek: Ok so, a lot of people swear by their chicken rice selections and but I think the best chicken rice is actually at Central Eating House, Hougang Blk 809. It’s not a restaurant but it’s simple, taste great and affordable, which is what chicken rice should be all about. I’d eat that everyday if I have to. By the way, I don’t regret saying this.

Lincey: My favourite chicken rice restaurant is this place at Far East Plaza, up on the fifth floor.

LeNerd: Boon Tong Kee for chicken rice hands down.

What’s the fanciest restaurant you’ve been to in Singapore, which has really good food?

Rave Republic:

Stas: Would love to try Waku Ghin, but haven’t had the chance. My favourite is probably the Tippling Club, which has an innovative degustation menu with some very creative cocktails to match.

Mat: CUT Steakhouse at Marina Bay Sands. Hands down the best steak I’ve ever had.

Myrne: Nothing beats momma’s cooking, that’s the fanciest thing money can’t buy.

Perk Pietrek: I’ve just been to this Japanese place called Sun With Moon that’s has a pretty dope rice bowl. It’s not super fancy but it’s good.

Lincey: Ok so fancy does not always mean good food… so for one that is both I reckon it has to be Shinji by Kanesaka. Excellent.

LeNerd: When my boss treated me to Little Red House. Fanciest 10 course meal of my life – I rarely ever frequent fancy places.

Is Singapore a very artsy country, where would you go to explore the artsy side of Singapore?

Rave Republic: Unfortunately, Singapore could be a lot ‘artier’. While the scene has certainly improved, we still have a long way to go. You can check out some street art/murals in Haji Lane. We also hear the Future World exhibit in the ArtScience museum is memorable.

Myrne: I’d catch something at the Arts House, The Projector, if I feel like watching something interesting; head over for a free concert at Theatres by the bay if there’s something on; or head to a pop-up flea or night market if I want something quirky.

Perk Pietrek: I enjoy an occasionally exhibition or two, and the Art Science Museum is pretty cool for those.

Lincey: We are alright I guess. We’re definitely trying to foster a greater appreciation for the arts amongst our people but it takes time. There are pop ups from time to time that are worth exploring. If not, find artists online and go visit them when they

LeNerd: I would say that the arts scene is still growing with plenty of happenings if one is open to it. I would recommend the National Gallery of Singapore or perhaps the Singapore Arts Museum for their regular Asian-artist-focused displays.