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“Various countries coming 2gether to enjoy good music & memories that will last a lifetime”


“If you’re not on the ship, you’re missing out”


“Not one person knew each other but we partied like we knew each other for years”


“Shipdrawal – the moment you realize reality isn’t as lit as being at a festival on a cruise ship”


“Meeting duos like @realcosmicgate has got to be one of the most memorable part! but seeing ladies beat them in mini golf was even better”


“Every DuckDrop holder there bonded so closely that we were bummed when we had to say goodbye to each other. That's why we promised each other to see one another in the next ITS THE SHIP or even Quackhouse experience.”

Duck #60

“Three words/terms that essentially 'sum it up' are: WTF WOW LFG. From meeting so many amazing people, to learning more about the industry, to partying in VIP at Creamfields - it was amazing. I think the best part about the entire experience was that you were amongst a small group of like-minded NFT enthusiasts and ravers (name a better combo - good luck).”

Duck #88

“The whole trip was an amazing experience. Meeting so many new people, Creamfields!!! and the whole villa experience was just crazy. We wish we were still there tbh.”

Duck #78

“The Quackhouse/Thailand has to have been my favourite holiday EVER. ITS THE SHIP knows how to party and I love every bit of it 🙌”

Duck #112