Dress Up To Get Down At Our Parties

Introducing one of our favourite parts of IT’S THE SHIP: Our pop up and after parties!
Don’t forget to get those costumes ready for some of our themed parties!
All of these parties are inclusive in your cabin price, which means they are all FREE!


Of course, we have our inaugural onesie party! All onesies of any shape, color and species are welcomed! If you’re not in a onesie for this, you can’t sit with us – actually you could, but you’d be pretty left out in the sea of onesies, let’s be honest…

THEME: Onesie


Calling all hip-hop lovers! If you want to witness our captain Big Shaq throw down some sick beats on IT’S THE SHIP, then you do NOT want to miss our ever-popular Bloc Party! Remember to show up in your favourite hip-hop threads, and if you’re ready to show off those dance moves, here’s the ultimate place to start a dance battle

THEME: Hip Hop


There are some people who love to party and there are some people who love to sleep – we’ve put both of these personalities together to bring you the sexiest slumber party at sea! Come dressed in your PJs (or whatever you go to bed in). We promise that this party is anything but a snooze!

THEME: PJs/Lingerie


Let’s throw it back to the dawn of the digital age, when neon lights and neon tights ruled in the 80’s. A glitch in the matrix has never looked this good, so make sure you come dressed in your best 80’s getup! Pull up your leg warmers, shipmates – it’s gonna get physical.

THEME: 80’s gym

Mike’s Big Birthday Bash

This is Mike. He was broke. But through hardwork and our handy dandy instalment plans, he managed to join us onboard! We’re throwing Mike a big birthday bash and you should totally swing by in your best Hawaiian themed outfit! There’s a cover charge, though: each person needs to bring Mike a wrapped gift. It can be anything, and we mean ANYTHING (a rock, a straw, a cup… he isn’t picky) Just make sure it’s wrapped and you’ll be welcomed right in!

THEME: Hawaiian

Gala Dinner

Get out of those bikinis and shorts as we move into the glitz and glamour of our Gala Dinner!

This year we have TWO sessions and the theme of 2018 is black and gold masquerade!

Slots are based on a first come first served basis and all reservations will be made at the dream dining room as you get on board

Theme: Black and Gold Masquerade

Party Dawn Stop

To kick off the day, we present to you our very first sunrise party where the PARTY DAWN STOP! Trust us – there is no sunrise quite like an IT’S THE SHIP sunrise and you definitely DAWN want to miss this. Did we use DAWN one too many times? Well guess what? WE DAWN CARE!

This is our final sunrise party before we return to land – so if you missed all the other sunrise moments, you’ll HAVE to make it to this one. This kumbaya moment will pull at your heart-strings as you think about everything you’ve done on board and the forever-shipmates you’ve made over the past few days. Sad smiley face 🙁

Foam Party

Shipmates! This foam party is NOT to be missed! Get down and squeaky clean at the Anchor Stage with bubbles galore as we frolic in the sunshine. You might want to leave all mobile phones or anything valuable behind as you WILL. GET. BUBBLED. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

The Warehouse Sessions

Organized by Canada’s most elite house talents, The Warehouse Sessions brings you some deep wavy tunes to match the waves we be riding on board 😉 If the radio is not your cup of tea, the Warehouse Sessions is perfect for the underground music lover in you.

The Marianas Trench

Head on over to this party to discover the awesome shipmates that hail from the beautiful Mariana islands of Guam, The Republic of Palau, CNMI and more. This underwater themed party will definitely bring out the altrXego in you!

One Night In Amsterdam

Transport yourself to Amsterdam for one night as we bring you into the belly of the Dutch clubbing scene. This unique experience has toured to 18 different countries and 30 cities, and now for the first time ever on IT’S THE SHIP, One Night in Amsterdam will be landing on international waters!