Discover these IT’S THE SHIP 2018 Artistes!

If you’ve been on #ITSTHESHIP before, you’ll know it’s not about the line up of who you know. It’s about the experience and getting to know many of our talented international up and coming artistes! We’d like to introduce some of these up and coming artistes which you might not have heard of but trust us, you won’t regret getting to know some of their music!

Get to know a few of these artistes before coming on board and catch them LIVE this November!


If you like yellow claw, Cesqeaux (pronounced ‘Sesko’) is just the man you need to watch on board! Part of the Barong family, this dutch producer has trap, generation bass and Moombahton written all over his repertoire.


Another part of the Barong family, Samir and Diego – the bassface duo Moksi is ready to work that subwoofer so for those of you who enjoy those hard hitting drops – these guys are for YOU. Moksi has released a song with another one of our artistes, Chocolate Puma. Don’t be surprised if there was a surprise B2B with these powerhitters


Introducing Loopers, a Dutch electro house producer that will be joining us this year. With big collaborations alongside Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki, Dyro and more – you’re in for a treat! Get ready as we party it up for one night in Amsterdam with some electronic vibes and powerful drops.


If you have yet to know about this duo, you’re missing out. Droeloe (pronounced drooloo), broke into the scene as San Holo brought them into the light – so you can bet that their impeccable percussion-heavy sound infused and catchiest melodies is something you won’t want to miss.


Hailing from Australia, Helena Legend that girl power is still here to stay! Shining bright in the western hemispheres and regarded as “one of the most exciting DJs of the moment” by DMC World Magazine, Helena is ready to shine her light over here in Asia. Get ready to dance all night to this bomb shell on board.


Introducing Nick Baas, also known as Lvndscape (pronounced landscape) has propelled out of the Dutch scene with his popular deep house and tropical house tracks that has us repeating his tracks as we inch closer and closer to getting on board. If you’re looking for some chill beach vibes, Lvndscape has everything you’ll need for a playlist.


If you’re into the era of the 90’s combined with R&B, you’re in for a real treat with Le Youth! This young Angeleno is about to bring you into the world of funky tunes and airy synthesizers. So imagine Le Youth + cocktails + daytime pool party = 1 unforgettable afternoon.


Originally hailing from our own little island, Singapore – Myrne has grown exponentially into the world of electronic music after being picked up by Mad Decent. His styles floats around indie electronica combined with future bass and since he is trained in Classical genres – you can most def hear it through his tracks