Cosmic Gate Interview

You’ve stuck to your true roots in bringing your signature sounds over the last decade, do you find it hard to find inspiration for new tracks against the rapidly changing music industry? Where do you get your inspirations from?
The music industry and new tracks are changing rapidly as you are saying here absolutely correct, and unfortunately mostly not for the better as we feel… so actually besides our love for music, a part of our motivation is to show that music also in 2018 can be full of emotions, and doesn’t have to follow down the road of edm or trap. Inspiration for our music comes basically from everywhere. other music like techno or progressive, but also all the travel we do, meeting people all around the world, a very important part also is how does our crowd react to new music that we play, we absorb the info from these dj shows a lot, wrap these experience around our signature sound as you say here, and hope our crowds keep following us

You’ve been doing this since 1999 and of course there has been a huge change in the electronic music scene. Would you rather be making music/performing in that era compared to now in 2018?
That’s a tough question, its impossible to really compare the scenes, its simply 20 years in-between and so much has changed. Say a perfect scenario would be to combine the best of both worlds, the fresh new spirit of the early years, when crowds were maybe a bit more open minded to new music and less requesting what they know from the radio, and the sometimes mind blowing set ups from the modern clubs and festivals in 2018, we would sign up for this

It’s about to reach 2 decades next year, do you guys have something special coming out for 20 years of cosmic gate?
We do have quite some plans indeed, please be a bit patient, we are ready to spread the exciting news soon!

What kind of music do you guys personally like to listen to in your free time?
It’s pretty much electronica, deep house, chill vibes, mostly some lower bpm than our sets 🙂

What is the most impactful comment you have ever received from a fan?
The biggest compliment is when fans or other producers tell us that our music has gotten them into trance, or someone telling us it brought them through a hard and rough phase in their life,what nicer and more personal thing can you hear about your music!?

So we know that you’ve been on a music festival on a cruise ship before, do you have any advice for our shipmates coming on board for the very first time?
Well everyone parties differently, but a good advice as IT’S THE SHIP goes over several days and there will be so many different parties and DJs to watch, is to maybe play it more like a marathon, less like a sprint, choose your battles wisely and don’t run out of power after the first day.

Do you have any last words for our shipmates before you see them on board this November?
IT’S THE SHIP is our first cruise in Asia ever, so we are even more looking forward to it, we are looking forward to meet a lot of our fans from all around Asia, see you guys on board in November!!!

Random question – if you could pick one thing to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Definitely Sushi!