Don’t Be Afraid To Venture It Out Alone

It may be slightly scary to head to a festival alone and even more so, to a country alone. On board, we have the friendliest shipmates so if you’re worried about not making any friends – you don’t have to worry about anything.

We’ve listed down a few reason why coming to IT’S THE SHIP alone, would be one of the best decisions

No one knows who you are
When you don’t know anyone, there’s no reason for you to be afraid to show your true colors. You can be anyone you want with no one to judge you. Now this can be a plus for others who have always tried to conform to the rules of their peers. If you want to be a motherf*cking butterfly, you go be that butterfly.

Create your own schedule
One of the biggest issues with going with a huge crew is that everyone has different tastes and preferences. Going alone means you create your own schedule and you have the freedom to listen to what you like in your own time.

Make new friends who will become family
There are many opportunities to meet all kinds of people on board from all over the world, get ready to spread those wings and get ready to say “Hello” Our shipmates on board has a great positive vibe and trust us, you’ll make friends that you’ll keep forever and you might even find your festival fam! After all, strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet.

Zero drama
Sometimes this can be a daunting issue as friends bicker with one another and you’ll have to pick sides and try to be the glue that puts the puzzle back together. Well if you’re alone, all drama goes out the window! The more people in a group, the greater the chances of someone having issues about what time they want to eat lunch – you get the drift right?

Be open to new things
The best thing you can do is have an open mind. Smile at others, high five them, comment on their dance moves – you’ll find shipmates who will have the same attitude and you might click instantly! Wear something fun and creative, this is usually a great photo op on board!
These guys last year is the perfect example:

Use our roommate match
If you don’t want to stay alone, we have a roommate match program to help you save some costs and maybe find a new ship-bestie.
More Info:

Do what feels best for YOU
You have the liberty to do whatever your heart desires – go for it. It is the best experience and you’ll be able to come back with a positive mindset or conquer a fear that lives in many.

We’ve talked to a few of our shipmates who have ventured it out alone and here’s what they had to say about coming alone:

Ben Hoyles
When I got onboard I met the most amazing people ever, I went alone and I came back with at least 100 nice, cool, amazing new friends/family: the IT’S THE SHIP family I met so many other people too, these people from all over the world everyone onboard was all happy, excited and kind, everyone was in a good happy party mode, the atmosphere was great! I’ve kept in touch with heaps and I’m happy to recommend IT’S THE SHIP to anyone. I’m so happy to be going back again, and alone – I will be travelling alone and I’d recommend it to anyone because I know that as soon as I enter the ship I will meet so many great people and so many of the IT’S THE SHIP family from previous year’s, if your worried about going alone, HAVE NO WORRIES AND DO IT , it will be the best thing you ever do in your life

Zee Chin
I met Adam, Brick and Shane in their outrageous outfits. They started teaching me Australian accents and a bunch of other stuffs, and when the club closed I thought I might not bump into them again because there’s so many people going.

But I bumped into them just before boarding the ship the very next day. They had me dress up in their bright clown outfits with tutus and all just to match theirs. It was fun, never had so much fun especially with the initial expectations of going alone. It’s my wildest party so far in my life…

Karen Winfield
My roommate was awesome. She was a younger version of myself, we got along awesomely and had a great time together, doing our own thing when we wanted to – meeting new people and dancing the night away when we wanted to do the same thing.

Diana Sanchez
No regrets. Although you get on the ship alone, you make tons of friendships on board. Everyone is there for same thing – to have fun and party. I now have party friends all over the world. How many people can say the same? Book a single if you have to. Live life. Have BBQ served by topless chefs.[/fusion_text]