52 music festivals in 52 weeks! What?!

We all have that one friend who tries to tick music festivals around the world of their bucketlist before they “retire”… and then we have Katarina Cvetko! Say hello to this solo festival junkie from Sydney, Australia who has made it her mission in 2018 to travel around the world to attempt to attend 52 music festivals in 52 weeks! And you thought a 4 day 3 night shipcation on IT’S THE SHIP was hard?

In Katarina’s 52 festival journey, she made IT’S THE SHIP one to tick off on her list as well. We’ve had a chance to talk to her about her travels and her journey on board

If you’d like to connect with her, here’s her very interesting Instagram channel @katarinacvetko

Was this your first time on a cruise ship festival?
Yes, this was my very first festival at sea. I’ve only been on one other cruise before this and I was absolutely in love with the whole experience so I was very excited for It’s The Ship!

How did you enjoy IT’S THE SHIP?
I absolutely loved it! It was definitely one of my favourite experiences from the entire year!

What was your favorite thing about IT’S THE SHIP?
If I’m being honest, my favourite thing was the round the clock buffet! I was in there at least 6 times a day… literally eat, sleep, rave repeat! Overall, I loved the convenience of being able to leave the party and come back whenever I wanted. It’s not very often you get to leave the main stage to go back to your room and have a nap in between sets! I also love how it’s socially acceptable to roll out of bed and go to the party in a bath robe and slippers haha. I also absolutely loved the vibe and how intimate the entire event was. I’m used to going to huge events with hundreds and thousands of people so to be able to go to a large event with a smaller crowd was such an amazing experience. You get to see and party with the same people wherever you go and it honestly just felt like one big family! It’s also so awesome having the artists on board as well and seeing them just roaming around and interacting with fans.

Do you have any tips for shipmates who will be joining us for their very first time?
I’ve travelled to festivals in five different continents and each part of the world has their own distinct rave culture so for me, it’s always a bit of a shock when I party in Asia. If you’re like me and travelling to It’s The Ship from outside of Asia, I’d say be aware that it will definitely feel different to what you’re used to so it’s important to respect the local culture and your fellow shipmates because not everyone will party the same way you do. In general I’d say, just get out there and meet as many people as you can! Don’t be scared to go alone or leave your friends to go party with other people. It’s The Ship is such a cool experience and an amazing place to make lifelong friends from all over the world!

Would you say that IT’S THE SHIP is more of a music festival or vacation?
I think it’s the perfect amount of both but if I had to pick one, I would lean more towards vacation. For me, I definitely spent more time relaxing and taking in the whole experience and doing normal vacation things with awesome music playing in the background. But at the same time, once the sun goes down, it’s the complete opposite!

How do you compare land and sea festivals?
I think the biggest difference between land and sea festivals is where your money goes. On land festivals for example, you’re basically paying just to see a huge stage(s) with crazy visuals, pyro, fireworks, streamers and a big lineup full of top 100 headliners. Other than the music, you’re left with pretty average food, less than average facilities and have to take care of your own accomodation and transport, all of which cost extra. With sea festivals, you’re paying for an experience. You get amazing food, clean bathrooms, professional service and accomodation is already covered! So while you might not have confetti raining down on you at every drop or the number one DJ headlining the show, you get a unique and intimate festival experience with some pretty big names combined with travel and I think that’s so rare and awesome!

Will you be beating your record of 52 festivals in 52 weeks in 2019?
Haha I’m not too sure. I originally planned to have a less crazy year in 2019 and just spend more time in one place relaxing but I’ve already got over 30 festivals planned so who knows! I won’t be trying to beat my record any time soon but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens!

Do you travel alone to these festivals or with a group?
I actually started out travelling to festivals solo back in 2015 and I’ve been doing it on my own ever since. Over the years, I’ve been growing a following on YouTube and Instagram through vlogging and sharing my adventures which has inspired others to step out of their comfort zone and go to festivals alone too. A lot of people have started to recognise me when I go to festivals and we just end up partying together so for me, I’m never really alone. I’m also really active on social media as well so I have brought other people together and organised meet ups for some of the bigger festivals so other people who go alone can all come together as a group.

Katarina with Cosmic Gate and Showtek

Katarina with Chocolate Puma