Meet The Shipmate With An IT’S THE SHIP Tattoo

It’s not everyday you’ll see a superfan with a festival tattoo, until today – meet Ben Hoyles from Preston, Lancashire. He’s been a part of the IT’S THE SHIP family and he has dedicated a piece of his body to showcase the legendary IT’S THE SHIP logo! On record, this is the very FIRST IT’S THE SHIP tattoo… let’s see who else will follow in Ben’s footsteps as we get on board this year 😉

We had a moment to talk to him about this experience on board and a little bit about this tattoo.

What made you get an ITS tattoo?

I was just sitting at home one day thinking about IT’S THE SHIP, music and tattoos and thought it’ll be great to get a tattoo dedicated to music! I love music and it’ has helped me through a few things.

Why the ITS logo?

The ITS logo had to definitely be apart of it; I have so much love for IT’S THE SHIP! I did look through a few pictures of the logo to try decide which one looked the best and to choose either black or coloured. I kind of remember some people last year who had some IT’S THE SHIP stickers or temporary tattoos on them, they were all black and they looked pretty good too. I actually googled IT’S THE SHIP tattoos but I couldn’t find any, I wonder if I’m the first?? Haha! The duck had to be there too, I actually found 2 good pictures that I liked and put it into 1 picture

How many times have you been back to ITS?

This is my second time on IT’S THE SHIP. My first time was that good, I just had to come back. It’s not often you go away on a holiday and enjoy it that much that you have to go back and do the same again the following year 🙂 The experience, the music and the people I met was just sooooo good! I do love music and I also love to party so IT’S THE SHIP is winning already. The people were all amazing too and the family/group of friends I met can never be forgotten.

What keeps you coming back?

I’d say the main reason why I go back is the people 🙂 Obviously IT’S THE SHIP is amazing with all the activities it has on board. Some people go to relax and get the most out of the ship, the food is 100% the best ever, the service is great, everything combined together on a cruise ship is just so good! IT’S THE SHIP can please anybody, but for most people like me – it’s all about partying and the music! To be honest last year I didn’t see too much of the ship as I was on the top deck most of the time partying. This year though, I am going to try making the most out of my time there and adventuring more and getting around the ship 🙂

What’s your favorite thing about ITS?

My favourite thing about IT’S THE SHIP is the love and happiness of everyone onboard, so many people from all over the world just so happy partying away and so happy welcoming strangers that they have never seen before. They are into making others feel comfy, as if they were best friends. I’m sure the alcohol helps a lot and the sharing of many bottles of vodka and champagne

We have a tattooist coming on board this year, would you get another ITS tattoo on board?

Yes! I’m going to check this out; I’d love to get some more ink on the ship. I just don’t know what to get. Haha! Maybe another IT’S THE SHIP or something memorable about my time there, I’ll try and get thinking of a good idea. Yes you’ve read it right! This year, we have a tattoo artist on board! You’ll be able to get flash tattoos or customized ones.

P.S. Get the IT’S THE SHIP logo tattoo on board and get a free cabin for next year! 😉